Past Meetings

2017-2018 Series

November 18th – “The Archaeology of Everglades Tree Islands” – Jessica Baker

January 20th – “Archaeology of the Cold War in South Florida” – Sara Ayers-Rigsby, M.A., RPA

February 17th – “Comparative Clay Analysis and Curation for Archaeological Pottery Studies” – Ann Cordell, M.A., RPA

March 3rd – ArchaeoFest at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium – Hosted by PBCAS.

April 21st – “Big Mound City and Belle Glade Monumentality” – Nate Lawres, M.A., RPA

Beginning February 17th, 2018 (at 2 PM), we will be located at the Lantana Branch Library located at 4020 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33462.

“Comparative Clay Analysis and Curation for Archaeological Pottery Studies” presented by Ann S. Cordell, MA RPA

Authors: Ann S. Cordell, Neill J. Wallis (both FLMNH), and Gerald Kidder (UF, retired)

We describe curation and use of clay samples as part of the ceramic ecology program at the Florida Museum’s Ceramic Technology Laboratory (FLMNH-CTL). We outline the history of the comparative collection and detail the standard operating procedure by which samples are processed, analyzed, and curated. We also provide examples of how the collection has been used in research projects as well as some of the challenges inherent to studies using such samples. Our collection of processed clays and associated thin sections represents a valuable resource for ongoing and future lab endeavors and is available to other Florida and southeastern researchers.

ceramic_ann_home(Photo cred.: Florida Museum of Natural History)

February Lecture 1

February Lecture 2

Archaeology of the Cold War Promo

“Archaeology of the Cold War in South Florida”

The Cold War changed South Florida’s political and physical climate.  In this presentation, we will explore the top secret sites associated with the Cold War located throughout south Florida, and how these structures shaped permanent shaped the landscape, as well as exploring what we can do to preserve awareness of this critical time in our history.

Presenter: Sara Ayers-Rigsby, MA, RPA

Director, Southeast/Southwest Regions

Florida Public Archaeology Network

November 18th, 2017 at 2 P.M. in the Palm Beach County Main Library

3650 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

See you there!

November Lecture

PBCAS Holiday Notice

2014-2015 Series


January 15th – “Catalhoyuk, Turkey: Living with the Dead, Goddess Worship, and Gender Equality” – Meryl Shriver-Rice, PhD

February 19th – “Bones in My Backyard: The Forgotten Dead of South Florida” – Andrew Ramsey

March 12th – “Alligators with Ears? Theodore de Bry’s 1591 Engravings of Florida Timucua Indians” – Jerald Milanich, PhD

April 16th – “The Diseases Bones Reveal and the Stories They Hide” – Tony Chamoun, M.A.


November 6th – “An Oyster A Day: A Malacological Analysis of Jupiter Inlet 1” – Jennifer Green

December 11th – “Hands, Words, and Brains: What Cognitive Archaeology Can Teach Us About Being ‘Human'” – Lana Ruck, M.A.

2013-2014 Series


January 16th – “Boynton Mounds: Past, Present, and Future” – Rebecca Stitt

February 13th – “Under the Volcano II, Maribios and Chontales” – Clifford Brown, PhD

February 20th “Pre-Columbian Fishing in the Florida Everglades” – Arlene Fradkin, PhD

March 20th “Met Square: Uncovering 3,000 Years of Miami History” – Robert Carr, M.A.

March 29th – Archaeology Fest!

April 17th – “Archaeology, Ethnography, and Local Communities in Manabí, Ecuador: Collaborative Efforts Between Scientists and Their Object of Study” – Valentina Martinez, M.A.


November 21st – “Precolumbian Palm Beachers” – Dorothy Block, M.A.

December 19th – “Preserving Cultural History Through Cemetery Studies” – Megan Miller and Terry Hooker