Current Officers

President: Drew Schneider
Drew is currently an archaeology graduate student at FAU. His work focuses on the prehistory of South Florida, with the goal of understanding the Belle Glade people.

Vice President: Rodrigo Cardenas
Rodrigo is currently an archaeology graduate student at FAU, focusing on site-detection via LIDAR and GIS.

Second Vice President and Webmaster/Historian: Jessica Baker
Jessica is an Intern in Archaeology with Palm Beach County. She has extensive experience in the field and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree. Her research interests include the prehistory and environmental archaeology of South Florida.

Treasurer: To be announced

Secretary: Zachary Delia
Zachary is  Manager of Exhibits at the Lawrence E.Will Museum of the Glades. He is an undergraduate at  Palm Beach State College.

Founding Chair: Dorothy Block, M.A.
Dorothy spearheaded the re-formation of PBCAS and is passionate about public outreach and archaeology. She’s focused on understanding the prehistoric peoples of South Florida and is the Director of the Lawrence E. Will Museum of the Glades.

Founding Member: Christian Davenport, M.A.
Chris is currently Palm Beach County’s Historic Preservation Officer. He provides an invaluable service to the county by identifying historic and prehistoric resources, negotiating a balance between the county’s need for expansion and its preservation of the past.