Our Board

President: Shuman Henry Calway

Born in Palm Beach County and currently studies Anthropology and Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University. He is the president of PBCAS and his research interests include the relationship between religion, faith, and social formation and the role of theological and mythic thinking in forming communities. In his free time, he enjoys campaigning for the immediate implementation of communism and reading Plato.


1st Vice President: Rodrigo Cardenas

A graduate student in anthropology at Florida Atlantic University. He has worked for several years as an archaeological field technician for several years. He has served on the PBCAS board since it’s founding.

2nd Vice President: Danielle Simon

Has served on the PBCAS board for two years. She has worked as an archaeological field technician for several years and has taken part in projects across the southeast United States and internationally. She is an archaeology graduate student in the Department of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University. Her current research focuses on statistical analyses of archaeological site sampling for evaluation in cultural resource management, spatial and frequency distributions of depauperate artifact assemblages, ceramic analysis and digital methodologies, and simulation approaches to understanding archaeological patterns and conditions.


Treasurer:  Drew Schneider

A graduate student in anthropology at FAU. He works as an archaeological field technician and is a former President of PBCAS.

Secretary: Angie Hernandez

Graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish in 2018. Since she has traveled throughout the state Florida working on various different projects. She was Crew Chief on the initial investigation of The Stackers Site in Martin County and a co-author on the report, which will be published later this year. She is planning on entering the Master’s program at Florida Atlantic University to continue her undergraduate research: Collections Management and NAGPRA Compliance.


Member at Large: Robert Cochrane

Now retired from teaching public school, Robert had previously worked in archaeology as a lab and field technician for a number of years. He earn his MA in Anthropology at Florida State and is a member of Florida Anthropological Society, Florida Archaeological Council, and RPA.

robert crochane