Monthly Meetings

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Florida Indians in Cuba: an archaeological project in Guanabacoa

Presented by archaeologist Odlanyer Hernandez-de-Lara

March 26, 2020 at 6 PM at the Palm Beach County Library : 3650 Summit Blvd. West Palm Beach 33406

From the beginning of 16th century to 1823, Florida Indians were transported or migrated to Cuba as a result of different socio-political scenarios. The transfer of Florida to United States in 1821 ended this process, with the final royally-funded Creek delegation arriving in 1823. Historical documents refer that most of the Indian families from Florida settled in the Indian Town of Guanabacoa, east of Havana, but no material evidence had been encountered until now, when the Gabinete de Arqueología de La Habana and Archaeological and Historical Conservancy joined efforts in a new archaeological project. Here I will present the results of the recent fieldwork in Guanabacoa, which was focused on the oldest known area of the town, where the first church and cemetery were located. Significant archaeological materials were found, including an artifact associated with the Florida Indians, providing the first archaeological evidence of their presence in Guanabacoa. 

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