Past Meetings

2014-2015 Series


January 15th – “Catalhoyuk, Turkey: Living with the Dead, Goddess Worship, and Gender Equality” – Meryl Shriver-Rice, PhD

February 19th – “Bones in My Backyard: The Forgotten Dead of South Florida” – Andrew Ramsey

March 12th – “Alligators with Ears? Theodore de Bry’s 1591 Engravings of Florida Timucua Indians” – Jerald Milanich, PhD

April 16th – “The Diseases Bones Reveal and the Stories They Hide” – Tony Chamoun, M.A.


November 6th – “An Oyster A Day: A Malacological Analysis of Jupiter Inlet 1” – Jennifer Green

December 11th – “Hands, Words, and Brains: What Cognitive Archaeology Can Teach Us About Being ‘Human'” – Lana Ruck, M.A.

2013-2014 Series


January 16th – “Boynton Mounds: Past, Present, and Future” – Rebecca Stitt

February 13th – “Under the Volcano II, Maribios and Chontales” – Clifford Brown, PhD

February 20th “Pre-Columbian Fishing in the Florida Everglades” – Arlene Fradkin, PhD

March 20th “Met Square: Uncovering 3,000 Years of Miami History” – Robert Carr, M.A.

March 29th – Archaeology Fest!

April 17th – “Archaeology, Ethnography, and Local Communities in Manabí, Ecuador: Collaborative Efforts Between Scientists and Their Object of Study” – Valentina Martinez, M.A.


November 21st – “Precolumbian Palm Beachers” – Dorothy Block, M.A.

December 19th – “Preserving Cultural History Through Cemetery Studies” – Megan Miller and Terry Hooker