•   Florida Anthropological Society

PBCAS is one of 17 FAS chapters spread across Florida.  As our parent organization, the Florida Anthropological Society, hosts an annual academic conference for scholars of Florida-focused anthropology and archaeology to gather and present current research.  Additionally, they publish a quarterly-journal, The Florida Anthropologist.

•   Florida Public Archaeology Network

FPAN is the state-sponsored Archaeology network focused on public outreach and assisting local governments in archaeological matters via Regional Centers.  As promoted on their website, their mission is “to promote and facilitate the stewardship, public appreciation, and value of Florida’s archaeological heritage through regional centers, partnerships, and community engagement.”  Palm Beach County is a part of the Southeast Region.  PBCAS and FPAN have a standing tradition of collaboration and support founded on our mutual goals of public outreach and appreciation for archaeology.

•   Historical Society of Palm Beach County

The Historical Society of Palm Beach County is a non-profit focused on preserving and sharing the history of Palm Beach County.  Their archives are stupendous, boasting over two million photos, maps, newspapers, and much more.  They are active in educational programs to bring history to life and get students involved in understanding the priceless-nature of the past.

Additionally, check out their History Online gallery!

•   Palm Beach Museum of Natural History

Another close partner to PBCAS, the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History is a museum without walls! Expedition: Dinosaur  wonderful for those curious about the mighty beasts that roamed this world before humans while Expedition: Ice Age is all about woolly mammoths, sabor-tooth cats, and how our ancestors held their own in such a chilly clime!

The museum also helps to host a local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America.

•   Southeast Florida Archaeological Society

Our fellow FAS Chapter to the North, SEFAS was organized in 1996 and incorporated in 1998.  Their lectures are free and open to the public, and are located at the Martin County Environmental Center.

•   Gold Coast Anthropological Society 

To the south, our fellow FAS chapter is Gold Coast, who after a bit of a hiatus, have returned in full swing! Their meetings and lectures (also free!) are located at the Plantation Historical Museum.

•   Viva Florida 500

2013 marked the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s arrival on the Florida coast.  As such, the Florida State Department partnered with statewide local organizations to showcase Florida’s unique cultural heritage and anthropological/archaeological past.  Exhibits are still ongoing and traveling to throughout the state, so be sure to check it out!