January Lecture

January 21, 2016 7pm

“Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know: An Analysis of Faunal Remains from the Shipwrecked Settlers at Preacher’s Cave”

Rose Gualtieri, MA

British colonization of the Bahamian island of Eleuthera began in the mid-seventeenth century with the arrival of Puritans seeking refuge from religious persecution. Funded by a group of British investors, this group of settlers shipwrecked and took refuge in a cave, now known as Preacher’s Cave, where they adapted to the island’s maritime tropical environment. Archaeological excavations conducted at Preacher’s Cave recovered a large quantity of faunal remains. This talk examines the role these animals played in the diet, in terms of protein food supplies imported versus foods that the Preacher Cave residents obtained themselves through their own efforts.

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406