February Lecture

February 18, 2016 7pm

“The Old Vero Man Site and Paleoindian Archaeology in Florida”

Dr. Andrew Hemmings

Claims of a Pleistocene human presence in Florida were debated for nearly a century before widespread acceptance of the Folsom, NM finds helped decide the issue in 1927. The Vero site, excavated by Elias Sellards and his crew, between 1915-1917, was by far the most prominent and hotly contested. Yet, the basic questions of cultural affinity, age of the site, and the lifeways of early peoples in the far south remain unanswered. Current investigations by OVIASC and Mercyhurst have documented a human presence dating between 11,100 and 14,000 calendar years ago. This work is summarized and the sites meaning is discussed as part of the larger Paleoindian occupation of Florida.

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406

January Lecture

January 21, 2016 7pm

“Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know: An Analysis of Faunal Remains from the Shipwrecked Settlers at Preacher’s Cave”

Rose Gualtieri, MA

British colonization of the Bahamian island of Eleuthera began in the mid-seventeenth century with the arrival of Puritans seeking refuge from religious persecution. Funded by a group of British investors, this group of settlers shipwrecked and took refuge in a cave, now known as Preacher’s Cave, where they adapted to the island’s maritime tropical environment. Archaeological excavations conducted at Preacher’s Cave recovered a large quantity of faunal remains. This talk examines the role these animals played in the diet, in terms of protein food supplies imported versus foods that the Preacher Cave residents obtained themselves through their own efforts.

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406

December Events

December 17, 2015 6:30pm

The Lawrence E. Will Museum of the Glades  & the Glades Historical Society are hosting a talk!

“Precolumbian People of the Glades”

presented by Palm Beach County Archaeologist Christian Davenport, M.A.

Renowned archaeologist Christian Davenport will present a lecture illuminating the culture and history of the Native American Belle Glade Culture and their remarkable mound and earthwork monuments. Light refreshments will be served.

Location: Lawrence E. Will Museum of Glades

530 South Main Street Belle Glade, Fl 33430

For more information, call 561 215 7909 or 561 352 7505

December Lecture

December 3rd, 2015  7pm

“Digging In Circles: New Discoveries On The Miami River”

Robert Carr, MA

Recent archaeological excavations on the banks of the Miami River have uncovered at least eleven prehistoric circular features cut into the limestone bedrock. Radiocarbon dates indicate that the circles were created at least 1500 years ago revealing a previously unknown town plan in the heart of downtown Miami.

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406


November Lecture

November 12th, 2015  7pm

“MMO Gaming Culture: An Online Gaming Family”

Michael A. Perez, MA

This study examines the social organization of Gaiscíoch, a large online gaming community that exists within the simulated world of a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). It provides an ethnographic account of an online gaming community that is open to any player without skill or time commitment requirements, but still maintains high status within the game world.

This project identifies eight elements that make this inclusive, friendly, and casual community successful in virtual worlds that tend to be dominated by communities that have a competitive, strict, and exclusive approach to online gaming (social interaction, code of values, leadership, rank system, events, community building, population size, gameplay). Lastly, this project briefly inquires about the nature of the border between the virtual and the physical and establishes that gamers can be considered pseudo-border-inhabitants that are in control of the community they place adjacent to them in the cyber world.

2015-2016 Lecture Series

Welcome back everyone!

We are excited to announce our upcoming lecture series which will run from November to April at the Main Library.  Our meeting dates and speakers are as follows:

November 12th, 2015 7:00 pm – “MMO Gaming Culture – an Online Gaming Family” by Michael A. Perez, MA

December 3rd, 2015 7:00 pm – “Digging In Circles: New Discoveries on the Miami River” by Robert Carr, MA

January 21st, 2016 7:00 pm – “Seventeenth-Century Foodways of British Puritans at Preacher’s Cave, Eleuthera, Bahamas” by Rose Gualtieri, MA

February 18th, 2016 7:00 pm – “The Old Vero Man Site and Paleoindian Archaeology in Florida” by Dr. Andrew Hemmings

March 24th, 2016 7:00 pm – “Meet the Family! Human Evolution for Everybody!” by Dorothy Block, MA

April 21st, 2016  7:00 pm – “The People of the Cloud Forest: Settlement Pattern Analysis and Landscape Signature of Manteño Occupation in the Upper Ayampe River Valley, Ecuador” by Andres Garzon-Oechsle

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406

April Lecture

April 16th, 2015  7pm

“The Diseases Bones Reveal and the Stories They Hide”

Tony Chamoun, M.A.

With the appropriate context, human skeletal remains offer us direct lines of evidence into past people’s life ways, subsistence strategies, diets, migration patterns, health trends, work activities, interpersonal interactions, social identity, and much more. When we encounter skeletal remains, we literally look into the face of the past. In this talk, we will come face-to-face with past people’s diseases, specifically in South American antiquity. Mr. Chamoun will look at how these diseases impacted how people were treated in the past and what this can say about how they understood themselves and others.

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406

5th Annual Archaeology Festival


March 21st, 2015  11am-4pm

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

4801 Dreher Trail N., West Palm Beach, 33405

We are proud to be partnering with the South Florida Science Center this year to bring you our 5th Annual ArchFest!! There will be flint-knapping demonstrations, atlatl throwing, shipwrecks, and much more!

Enjoy Egyptian-themed crafts and their “Afterlife: Tombs and Treasures of Ancient Egypt” exhibit.  This family-friendly event also includes a side of education via presentations from the Historical Society of Palm Beach County and PBCAS.

The event is included with paid admission; all PBCAS members will receive a 20% discount on admission price.

March Lecture

March 12th, 2015 7pm

“Alligators with Ears?: Theodore de Bry’s 1591 Engravings of Florida Timucua Indians”

Dr. Jerald Milanich

If you have ever visited a museum exhibit or read a book featuring Florida Indians it is certain you have seen one of Theodore de Bry’s engravings of Florida Timucua Indians first published in 1591. The engravings have long thought to have been based on paintings done by Jacques le Moyne, a French colonist who lived near Jacksonville in 1564-1565.

But are they? Or did de Bry, whose book company published 27 illustrated volumes on the Americas, Africa, and Asia, simply make up the engravings, basing them on his imagination, written accounts, and borrowings from previously published images? It is a 420-year old mystery, one involving Sir Walter Raleigh, English investors, a dead French artist, a live English artist, a prolific British promoter, the lost Roanoke colony, two French noblemen (one murdered, the other deceased), and ancient Picts from the British Isles. The events surrounding the mystery were played out across two continents, from Florida to London and Frankfurt. In his illustrated presentation Dr. Milanich will solve the mystery (though undoubtedly not to everyone’s liking).

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406

February Lecture

February 19th, 2015 7pm

“Bones in My Backyard: The Forgotten Dead of South Florida”

Presented by Andrew Ramsey

Few people realize that Palm Beach County has a plethora of burial mounds that were utilized by past ancient peoples.  Mr. Ramsey will be presenting on these local burial mounds, with a particular focus on some of the recent re-analysis of the Highland Beach Burial Mound.  These mounds, excavated in the 1950s, offer a window into past peoples understanding of death and their burial practices.

Location: Palm Beach County Main Library
3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33406